About Denise


Denise Padayachee is a creative, a dreamer, a practicing Attorney, and a Conveyancer (here is a link to her law practice: www.dpai.co.za if you would like to look up her legal services), she is also the founder of Wells. She is based in Cape Town, is hungry for the Presence of God, and desires to see His Kingdom fully come on earth. 

She is passionate about equipping and releasing forerunners and pioneers everywhere, and about bridging remaining sacred-secular divides in the process. Prompted by Holy Spirit, she regularly creates spaces that have the aim of hosting God’s Presence and helping people to discover the love of God, walk in their identity as sons and daughters of the King, live from fullness, and receive power to extend the glorious Kingdom.

Denise was a “laatlammetjie”, the youngest of 6 siblings, born into an Indian family in the Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Matriculating in 1997 she could enjoy the freedom of the new South Africa by attending Rhodes University to study and gain her LLB.  It was there that she had a supernatural encounter with the living God and her life changed forever.

Denise considers herself privileged to have had some mentoring by Kerry Southey in her early years of ministry, whose valuable input she still leans on today. Denise joined the pastoral staff of His People Church in Grahamstown in 2005 after graduating with her law degree, and in 2008 moved to Cape Town and served as an associate Pastor at His People Church, City Bowl, Cape Town, where she was later ordained as a prophet in 2012.

From 2013 Denise began to work alongside several South African churches, across denominational lines, with both English and Afrikaans speaking congregations, in line with her passion to serve the Body of Christ at large and help train up an army of God-lovers who will step into the supernatural as a natural way of life.

Denise has a deep love and appreciation for different cultures and has now accumulated quite a lot of experience working in different cultural communities in South Africa and abroad. With a grace to disarm and cross divides, this “little Indian” is a firm favourite in unlikely places. She has often been the first female preacher on a pulpit, but seldom the last as God seems to use her to break open new ground and shift things wherever she goes.

She has ministered at Churches in America, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Lesotho. It is on some of these mission trips that she and others on the teams have also had unique opportunities to minister to vice-presidents and orphans alike with the love of the Father.

Her favourite message is one she heard Leif Hetland preach at the Voice of the Apostles in about 2015, it was called “The Three Chairs”. It completely changed the how, the why, and the Who that Denise did ministry for. By the time she heard the message she had been in ministry for a long time, but she had not discovered the great bliss of being his beloved child like Leif introduced her to “Papa” as. From then on the joy and delight of ministry that she experienced led to unprecedented fruitfulness, miracles, healings even of cancers, blind eyes, deafness, and increased access in terms of the gifts of the Spirit. But the sweetness of it all to her is that no one can “make it happen”, it comes from the rest of “sonship”. It comes from the bliss of abiding. So if you come to any of her gatherings, in one way or another it will be a journey to Papa’s heart. Because, she firmly believes that each time you encounter Him,  you will find all that are searching for.