Beholding and Becoming

‘I believe that the act of “beholding God’ is a key for us in this age; a key that gives us access, that opens doors and portals into the dimensions of God that we are longing for. As we behold Him, salve is being applied to our eyes and we begin to see more clearly…As we behold Him, we are gaining perspective, the fearful as losing their fear, burning ones are arising and powerlessness is undone by Love. As we behold Him, we are becoming a free people, and in that freedom we become who we were born to be.’ – An excerpt from the book.

This is a journey of identity which I present as a 4 week course, however the book can also be used without the course, as a devotional tool.

Bless you on your journey deeper and higher!

Prophetic Words and Dreams for the Church and Africa

The purpose for my recording and offering these prophetic words and dreams is to help you to better run in your calling and grace. I believe that the gifts God gives are meant to complement each other and so I offer these things that I have seen and feel prompted to serve the body with, to you that you might be encouraged, strengthened and edified through it.

When Little People Pray

This little book was written to help children understand what to pray for and how to deal with the things that make them afraid or sad. Several people have shared testimonies with me of how this little book has helped their little one who woke up from a nightmare or who was feeling sad or fearful. May it bring comfort and peace to your child when they need it!

When you purchase this eBook it will be sent to your email address so that you can download it onto your tablet or phone for your child, and in that way, have it available when you need it. Thank you.