Gifts of the Spirit Workshop

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My desire is to see every person come into the fullness of all that God has put inside of them and a beautiful part of this, is the unwrapping of the spiritual gifts inside each one. In a space free from fear and full of His love you can come and be empowered! If you desire to see the “river” flow freely through you, if you want to be used by God through the gifts of the Spirit, if you are hungry for more of Him – then this space is for you. We are trusting for upgrades for each person, may the gifts you already function in go to new levels and may new gifts and graces be awakened within you as you experience a combination of ministry, activations, teaching and impartation.

To relegate the gifts of the Holy Spirit to “basics” is to miss out on the enormity of just what these gifts are to us individually and corporately. I believe that we have only scratched the surface thus far so I want to increasingly create spaces where these gifts can find fuller expression. It is time to go deeper and further!

Our agenda is to make room for you to encounter the Holy Spirit, and our win will be to see each one that comes leave like the disciples left the upper room after Pentecost- filled with new wine and fire, courage and boldness, freshly anointed and ready to turn the world upside-down!

This training is accessible for children over 10 years of age, so you can bring your older kids with you. Please note we will not have child-care facilities though.