Firestarters (2)

Firestarters and Acts (the next course discussed) are both revivalist courses that equip believers to live naturally supernatural lives. Take a look at our Good News page to read some of the testimonies from this amazing, activational course written by Kevin Dedmon.

I have facilitated both these courses at many churches and in different nations over the years to help them transition into revival culture, and by God’s grace we have seen hundreds of people activated in healing the sick, prophesying, giving words of knowledge and other demonstrations of the Kingdom of God. Testimonies abound of cancers healed, people miraculously healed in ICU, metal melting and mobility restored. Hundreds more have been activated in the prophetic (some for the first time), and others have testified of being filled with the Spirit and of a boldness to live naturally supernatural lives. God is GOOOOOOD!!! We give Him all praise for His amazing power and goodness in our lifetimes!

Below is a short video to give you a feel for what a course like this is about.